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Create a community post or announcement
Create a community post or announcement
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In this guide, learn about:

You can learn more about your community space, community posts and announcements here.

Creating and sharing a community post

To find your community space, click on your early learning service's Community tab.

In the text field, type your message:

When you’ve finished, click Post:

You can also create a community post from a room at your centre. Rooms have their own Community discussion space, which works in the same way as the early learning service's community space.

Note: In order for an educator to create a community post from a room's community space, they must be added as an educator to the room.

Alternatively, you can use the + Create button in the blue menu bar at the top of the page to create a community post:

From here, you can select if you would like to share the community post with your centre, or a specific room at your centre:

Messaging your community about an upcoming event or reminder? Try including the date so family members can easily add the event to their personal calendars from the app. Find out more about the calendar feature for families.

If you wish, you can add an image or other type of file to your community post. Read ‘Add files to a community post or announcement’ to learn how. 

Sharing a community post as an announcement

Teachers who are Admins can also create Announcements which override a parent's notification settings.

Sending a community post with the Announcement checkbox ticked will send an email to each person in the community in addition to the notification they receive within Storypark, even if they have community posts turned off in their notification settings. 

As they override a parent's settings we recommend only using announcements for very urgent or time-sensitive news.

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