If you are an Admin educator at your service, you have the option to allow or prevent community posts being created by parents at your service. (This setting is not finite and can be updated if you change your mind.)

This setting is unique to each of the community spaces at your service, meaning you can have a space where parents can make their own posts (i.e. a parent-sharing room) whilst turning this setting off for other spaces.

To access this setting you'll need to visit the Storypark website and take the following steps:

1. Go to the Community area of the room or service you wish to update.

2. Tap the Edit button beside the room or service's name:

3. The permission settings for the community are at the bottom of the page.

To prevent parents from starting new community posts - uncheck the parents can post in the community option.

To allow parents to start new community posts - check the the parents can post in the community option:

4. Tap Save at the bottom right-hand side to apply your changes.

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