Note: This information does not apply to services using a CCMS integration. If your service's Storypark is integrated with a CCMS provider, child profiles must be edited, moved and archived there.

Add an educator or child to a room

1. Educators can add children or other educators to rooms by going to any main ‘Room’ page and clicking the ‘Edit’ link beside the room's name:

2. Select the children and educators you wish to include by clicking the check-box next to each person’s name. You can even have a teachers-only room if you like to have teachers-only discussions:

3. Tap Save and you’ll be taken to the room’s profile page.

Add an educator or child to multiple rooms

There may be instances when an educator or a child is in multiple rooms.
For example:

  • a supervisor who oversees all rooms

  • an educator who looks after children in more than one room

  • a child who is looked after by an educator who is in more than one room

  • a child who is in transition between classrooms or levels.

It’s easy to add a teacher or child to multiple rooms. A child or an educator can be in as many rooms as you wish. Simply follow the steps above to ‘Add an educator or child to a room’ for any rooms you’ve set up.

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