To find your community space, click on your early learning service's 'Community' tab.

Unlike stories and notes which are associated with each child, the community space is a place that everyone in your Storypark community can view and contribute to. This is a great place to share what's happening at your early learning centre and to get parents involved. You can share via a ‘Community post’, or an ‘Announcement’.

Who is in my community?

Your community is made up of all the teachers and family Admins (usually parents) associated with your early learning service's account. Because this area is often used to share daily updates with parents about what’s happening at your early learning service, it is not visible to non-admin extended family members, ie. family that parents have invited and haven’t made an Admin (read more about ‘Admins’ here). You can see who is in your community on the right-hand side of the page.

Community posts

A ‘Community post’ is simply a message to your community. Any posts you make in this space will be visible to everyone listed on the community page and will appear for each person as a notification at the top of the page, and a post in their ‘Latest activity’/home page and their ‘Community’ page.

In the responses area of each community post, tapping on the eye icon will show you a list of all the parents and teachers who have viewed the post. (Note: This list can only be viewed by teachers.)


Admin teachers can also create 'Announcements' which override a parent's notification settings.

Sending a community post with the Announcement checkbox ticked will send an email to each person in the community in addition to the notification they receive within Storypark, even if they have chosen to have community posts turned off in their email notification settings. 

Each recipient will receive an email titled ‘(Author) added a community post to (Early Learning Service)’ with the content of the community post in the body of the email and a link to view it in Storypark. 

As they override parent's settings we recommend only using announcements for very urgent or time sensitive matters.

Conversations and parents posting in the community

In your community space, click 'Edit' next to your early learning service's name and at the bottom of the form you'll see the options under Permission Settings.

Ticking the checkbox 'Parents can post in the community', lets all parents that are part of your community create community posts.

Ticking the checkbox 'Allow community comments', allows parents to comment on community posts.

Ticking the checkbox 'Allow teacher-parent conversations', allows teachers to send direct messages to parents and parents to send direct messages to teachers.

You can also change these settings within a Room. To do this click 'Edit' next to the room. From there you will have the following two options.

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