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Welcome to the help centre

Resources to get you started with using Storypark's help centre

Frequently asked questions

General answers to commonly-asked questions by educators and families.


Stories, conversations, images and videos, comments, learning tags and sets, community posts, child notes, rooms, account, profile and settings.

For Educators

Specific info for early childhood educators. See the General section for everything else.

For Families

Specific info for parents and family members. See the General section for everything else.

Storypark for Families mobile app

Specific info for parents and family members about using the Storypark for Families iOS and Android mobile apps.

For Network administrators

For administrators of large groups of services – how to use your head office account and network dashboard

Educator Portfolios

For organisations who are trialling or have subscribed to Storypark's premium Educator Portfolios

Using Storypark with CCMS platforms

Connect to and manage Storypark with other applications

Privacy, security and ownership

How we keep information safe, who owns your content, and what different people can access.

Pricing, payments and your Storypark subscription

Our pricing, ways to pay, sales tax, promo codes and discounts.

COVID Support Resources

Resources to help families and teachers who are experiencing disruption due to COVID

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