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Create a Community Post from 'Storypark for Families'
Create a Community Post from 'Storypark for Families'

This article is about creating a community post using the Storypark for Families App.

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Unlike Stories and Notes which are associated with each child, the Community space is a place that everyone in your Storypark Community can view and contribute to.

If your child's early learning service has chosen to turn on the ability for parents to post, you can create Community posts that will be visible to Educators and Admin family members at your child's early learning service.

Learn more about making other family members admins here.

To create a community post, click Community on the bottom menu. Then, tap the name of the Community area you want to post in, for example:

This will take you to all the community posts in that room or centre. You can then press the purple plus button next to the name of the community to create a new post:

From there you can type your post. After you’ve finished, click ‘send’ and your post is published and visible to everyone in that Community space.

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