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The Community tab in 'Storypark for Families'
The Community tab in 'Storypark for Families'
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Your community tab is typically made up of two things, community posts and conversations.


Community spaces are marked with a yellow house icon.

Your child's service has a community space viewable by all the educators and family Admins (usually parents) associated with your child's early learning service.

If your child's profile has also been added to a room at the service, educators may also use the community space there to communicate. Note: This can only be seen by families of children in that particular room.

Each item you can see on the Community feed is just a preview - click on the preview, to view all the posts for that community space.

You'll be able to see community posts from the date that you became an Admin for your child's profile onwards:

Each community space has permission settings that are managed by your child's educators.

This means you may be able to respond to the community posts and make your own posts - for that see 'Create a Community Post from 'Storypark for Families'.

Note: However your child's educators may have chosen to turn one or both of those permissions off, meaning it would be a read-only space.


Provided educators from your child's learning service have chosen to turn this feature on, conversations are the other thing you might see on your Community tab. They are private messages between educators and Admin family members.

A conversation will either have the participant's profile image or the three talking chicks icon:

Clicking on the preview of the conversation will take you to all the messages between those participants.

If your child's service have allowed parent-teacher conversations, parents are also able to start a new conversation with the educators at the service. You can do this by clicking the people and plus icon at the top right-hand corner.

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