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This article covers some of the questions that services who have a current Storypark subscription ask.

Note: These answers do not apply to services that are part of a network on Storypark.

Subscription changes and updates can be made by any of a service's Admins from the Account page. If you are an accountant or manager without Storypark access, you will need to ask a Storypark Admin at your service to make these changes on your behalf.

Q. Do I need to pay sales tax?
A. Storypark does not charge sales tax for Australian or international customers. New Zealand customers will be charged GST on top of the quoted price.

Q. Our service cannot afford Storypark, can you help?
A. Take a look at the discounts we offer services or get in touch with our team, providing some of the details about your circumstances.

Q. Our service requires additional child spaces - how can we add more?

A. Admins can add more child spaces to your subscription from the Account page.

Q. Our service has been invoiced for X child spaces but we no longer require that many - how can we get this revised?
A. Admins can revise the number of spaces you are paying for from the Account page within Storypark.

Q. How do I add a credit card to Storypark for automatic, recurring payments?
A. Admins can add switch their service's payment method (depending on your region) as well as add a new credit card from the Account page.

From the Account page tap Update billing details or manage payment methods:

This will open the billing portal, click the top-most white coloured box, with your current subscription information in it:

From there tap Paid via:

In order to see a list of your possible payment options and the ability to add a new card. Tap +Add a payment method at the bottom to add a new card:

(Note: the payment methods you can see here are dependant on what we are able to offer in your region currently)

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