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Create an Educator Portfolio story
This is about Storypark's original Educator Portfolio features.
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This article is for those using the standard (basic) Educator Portfolio features. Find information on trialling or subscribing to Storypark's premium Educator Portfolios.

There are two ways educators can create a portfolio story:

1. From scratch
2. Duplicating a published child story to edit and then save to their portfolio

Creating a portfolio story from scratch

You can create a portfolio story in the same way you create a child story. If you don't know how to create a child story you can follow these instructions. But in the drop-down selector at the top of the screen, instead of selecting your service/room name, select My Portfolio:

Duplicating a child story to save to your portfolio

Follow these instructions to learn how to duplicate a story. Once you've duplicated a story, it will be saved to your drafts and you are free to edit any aspect of it before publishing it like any other story.

Publishing a portfolio story

When you publish a portfolio story it will be saved to your personal portfolio and by default can only be seen by you. If you'd like other contributors to see it you can go to your portfolio stories page, click the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and select all or individual contributors you'd like to make it visible to. Now when one of those educators visits your portfolio stories page, they'll see this story.

Linking your portfolio stories together for your appraisals

You can link your published portfolio stories together in a plan, eg. one created from the Storypark Appraisal Goals template. Learn more about linking portfolio stories to plans, here.

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