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Change your Educator Portfolio privacy settings
Change your Educator Portfolio privacy settings
This is about Storypark's original Educator Portfolio features.
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This article is for those using the standard (basic) Educator Portfolio features. Find information on trialling or subscribing to Storypark's new Educator Portfolios.

As a teacher, you can control who has access to your private 'My portfolio' pages (portfolio stories and reports). You can enable access for invited mentors, peers or managers as you wish. Those people can then comment on any portfolio stories you share with them, supporting your professional development and day-to-day work.

Teacher-only stories, or 'Portfolio stories' enable evidence to be recorded and linked to criteria (eg. teaching or quality standards. Progress can then be observed over time.

To control who has access to your My Portfolio pages:

1. Go to your 'Settings' page by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the screen:

2. On your 'Settings' page, scroll down to 'Privacy settings' and select the teachers (or mentors you've invited to your service) who you want to be able to see your portfolio pages. Then click the 'Save' button.

These contributors can now see your portfolio stories and reports pages. Now, when you want to share an individual portfolio story you can click on the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and select from this group. Now if they visit your portfolio stories page they'll see that story.

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