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We'll shortly be launching 'Planning', a better way to plan with your team. We are inviting services to access this new feature before we officially launch it. This article is for services that opt in.


In any plan, you can link stories, child notes and other plans together.

A few examples of how you might use this feature:

  • Link together a child's stories and/or notes about a particular interest or theme to show threads of learning, making it easier to visualise their learning journey – great for assessments or transitions.
  • Link to an earlier programme from your current programme plan for easy reference.
  • Create 6-monthly goals with parents and show the child’s progression on each goal over time through linked stories.
  • Create a plan for each child, and an overview plan for your service. Link to each child's plan from the overview for easy, fast access.
  • Create a calendar plan and on the day of each event link to that event plan.
  • Create a daily diary plan and link to all group stories created that day.

How to create links

In a plan, hover over (or tap on a touch screen) any cell to see your editing options and select 'Content':

A mini editor will open where you'll see a 'Link to stories, plans, notes' option beneath the text area.

When you tap this link a window will open that lets you pick which stories, plans or child notes you wish to link to. By default you'll see all stories but you can toggle the tabs at the top to see plans and child notes:

Find the story, plan or child note you're looking for using the filter

You can select stories, notes, plans or a mixture of the three by toggling between the three tabs at the top. 

To easily find what you're looking for tap the Filter button at the top right. 

You can filter stories by:

  • Recent activity (when the last comment was made) or Story date (when the story was published)
  • Children in the story (one or multiple)
  • Learning tags in the story (one or multiple)

You can filter plans by:

  • Recent activity (when the last comment was made) or Started (when the plan was published)
  • Categories attached to the plan (one or multiple)

You can filter child notes by: 

  • Children in the story (select one or multiple)
  • Categories attached to the plan

Select the stories, plans or child notes you wish to link to. When you've finished selecting, tap the Done button and it will appear in the editor.

When you've finished editing, tap 'Save' and you'll see your links loaded in the planning cell.

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