This article is for those using the standard (basic) Educator Portfolio features. Find information on trialling or subscribing to Storypark's new Educator Portfolio platform.

What are portfolio stories for?

Portfolio stories allow educators to document evidence of their work over time. Create or adapt a learning set (ie. teaching or graduate standards, self-review, or other assessment criteria that may be relevant to you as an educator), then link your portfolio stories to your chosen criteria using the learning tags in these sets.

Over time you can analyse and review your progress against your personal criteria. And you can link together your portfolio stories in eg. an Appraisal Goals plan. This makes support, reporting and assessment processes faster and easier.

How do I access my personal portfolio?

When you publish a portfolio story it will be saved to your personal portfolio and also show up in your activity stream. You can access your portfolio by clicking on your name in the menu:

How do educator portfolio stories work?

An educator portfolio story works in the same way as a child story, i.e. it is a story that can contain text, images, videos, PDFs and learning tags, but instead of selecting a child in the story, an educator selects themselves.

How can I create a portfolio story?

You can create a portfolio story from scratch, or duplicate a relevant child story to edit and save to your portfolio. Learn how to create a portfolio story here.

Who can see portfolio stories?

Portfolio stories are kept in an educator personal portfolio and by default can only be seen by the author. Clicking on the arrow in the top right of any story preview card, the author can select which of their contributors can access it:

I've accidentally created a portfolio story - how do I add children?

You can duplicate the Story and then assign the children to the duplicate.

You'll need to go into Stories which is under your name in the left-hand menu (using the Storypark website), and then when you view the story, instead of editing it, push duplicate. This will let you re-tag children as needed, and you'll be able to delete the original from your portfolio after that, if needed.

For more on duplicating stories, check out Duplicating Stories.

What happens to my portfolio when I leave my current early learning service?

Educator portfolios are associated with individual educators, not the early learning services they teach at. This means your portfolio will remain accessible, and free, to you even after you've left your current early learning service.

If you join a new service, you'll just need to use the same email address on Storypark in order to access your portfolio there.

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