Introduction to Storypark Insights

Learn about Storypark Insights and how to access it.

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This feature is currently only available to multi-site organisations. If you're part of a multi-site organisation and are interested, contact your Account Manager to ask about Storypark Insights.

In this guide learn about:
What is Storypark Insights?
Accessing Storypark Insights
Managing access to Storypark Insights
Frequently asked questions

What is Storypark Insights?

Storypark Insights is a suite of self-service dashboards tailored to the needs of leaders. With reporting from across the range of Storypark's feature set, you can drill down to gain understanding and start conversations with your teams.

The current dashboards available to access are:
1. Overview
2. Stories
3. Community posts
4. Child notes
5. Conversations
6. Routines
7. Current plans

Note: Depending on the features your organisation currently has access to, you may see one or more empty dashboards. These relate to features that can be added to your organisation.

Accessing Storypark Insights

Initially Storypark Insights must be enabled for an organisation by a Storypark Account Manager.

They'll provide information on the details we need to set this up but you can make sure you are ready by creating or checking that your groups in Multi-site Management are up to date as these groups are used if you want to give someone access to a specific group of services' data, rather than all services. For more on managing groups check out: Creating and managing Groups.

Each team member who needs access to Storypark Insights will need to have an existing Storypark account. If they don't already have one you can invite them to a service and ask that they create their account before we set them up with access to Storypark Insights.

Once access has been set up, you'll need to make sure you are logged in to Storypark with the same email address you have Storypark Insights access on, then log in and access Storypark Insights by visiting the link (we suggest bookmarking the Insights link or even creating a shortcut on your desktop).

Managing access to Storypark Insights

Contact your Storypark Account Manager to have additional team members added or removed from Storypark Insights access. Each team member will need to have an existing Storypark account, so make sure you've invited them to a service, and they've set up their account.

Frequently asked questions

Q. When is data refreshed?
A. The data in Storypark Insights is refreshed daily.

Q. What resources are available to get the most out of Storypark Insights?
A. Check out the help centre documentation on Storypark Insights and how to use it. We can also provide direct training packages and training content for services who want more support.

Q. How can I give feedback on Storypark Insights?
A. We'd love feedback on how Storypark Insights is going for you. Send an email directly to your account manager to let them know your thoughts.

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