Note: Make your educators haven't signed up themselves and specified your early learning service's name in the signup form - otherwise when you sign up, your service will have a duplicate account.

This guide covers:

How to send an invitation and what they look like
What to do if an educator hasn't received their invite
Adding educators to rooms

How to send an invitation

Click the 'Invite' button in top right navigation:

Ensure the 'Teacher' tab is selected at the top, and then complete the form by entering the teacher/s emails. You can invite a maximum of five teachers at once:

Note: If teachers don't have their own work email address we recommend that they use their personal email addresses. This way there's less chance of forgetting passwords, so less chance of interruption in their practice. Storypark doesn't email any personal information or data. Notifications sent to work or personal emails can be turned off and teachers encouraged to log into Storypark to view information instead. 

If this suggestion is against your ICT policy, you can create new emails for your staff using Gmail for example (eg. '').

Occasionally you may get an error when trying to send an invitation, our team have created some troubleshooting tips to help.

You have the option to add a custom message that will be included in the email invitation they receive.

An email will be sent to the recipient with a 'Click here to accept the invitation' link they can click that takes them to a simple signup page. The email also includes information about what Storypark is with useful links to help centre ‘Getting started’ articles.

What it looks like

The email:

What teachers see when they click the link in the email:

What do I do if my educator hasn't received the Storypark invite I sent them?

Invitations are sent out as soon as you click 'invite'. If you've sent an invitation but your recipient mentions not receiving it, there are a few common reasons:

- the email may have gone to a spam or junk inbox, make sure your invitee has checked any they have

- the invitee's inbox may be full and unable to receive any new emails, they'll just need to make room and then you can resend their invite

- the invitee's email provider may have blocked the email

If you need help with an invite, just email our support team with the details, they can then look into it for you.

Adding educators to rooms

Once the educator has accepted your invite to access the service, they can be added to rooms, using the same steps that you would for child profiles.

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