Network admins: Creating and managing Groups

Set up groups to view, compare and report on related services based on region, type or other common factors.

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This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account.
Your network reports page shows you a list of services that you can view, compare and report on.

You can either view as a list of all services, or as a subset of services that you set up as a Group.

Groups can be created based on common factors such as:

  • Type (eg. Early learning services, Family day cares, Out of School Hours care etc)

  • Region (eg. State, suburb)

  • Quality rating

But you can choose to group your services in any way that suits your particular context or way of working. You might, for example, choose to set up a group of services who need additional support to make it easier to see where you need to focus your support.


Setting up your groups

To set up a group, click on 'Manage groups' to the right of the dark blue navigation menu:

In the window that opens, click 'Create new group':

Enter a group name (eg. 'Family Daycares' or 'New South Wales') and then click the 'Add group' button:

Make sure your newly created group is displaying in the dropdown menu and then below that select the services that you want to assign to this group. When you've finished, click 'Save':

Your new group will now appear in the dark blue Groups bar.

Clicking on your new group will display a report showing only the services in that group.

Editing a group

If you don't need a group anymore, or wish to change a group's name, you can do this in the Manage groups window. Select any group and click 'Edit this group'. Here you can change the group's name or delete it completely.

Note: Deleting a group will not affect any services within the group.

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