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How your information is kept secure
How your information is kept secure
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Storypark is a password-protected private space for children, teachers and families. Access to a child’s information and stories can only be granted by their primary guardians, and no personal information is shared with any third party.

The information stored in our system is protected by storing it in secure data centres with off-site backups. Communication between our users and our servers is encrypted via industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL).

Storypark is protected by a secure and encrypted password that you must choose yourself. You should never share your password. We don’t store your password on our servers and no one at Storypark will ever ask you for it.

We work with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) security specialists to ensure we have the latest security systems in place, and we consult with early childhood specialists to ensure best practices.

We advise our users how to stay safe online on our website’s cybersafety page here:

All parents must sign a consent form as part of the sign up process which outlines how their child's information will be used.

To learn more about how we use your information and where it is stored, check out more detailed articles in the Privacy and security section of our help centre.

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