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Families: If you’ve been sent an invitation
Families: If you’ve been sent an invitation
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If you have received a Storypark invitation by email, it means someone you know (either an educator or close family member) wants to share a child's stories and learning with you.

Click the blue Accept your invitation button in the email and you’ll be taken to a simple Sign up page where you can enter your name, and choose a password. Please choose a password you will remember but that is difficult for someone else to guess.

Clicking Next will take you to a consent form where you're shown a summary of important issues associated with privacy and behaviour to which you are required to give your consent.

Once you've agreed to the consent form, you'll be taken into Storypark and shown a video:

Once you've agreed to the consent form, you can access the child's stories and leave comments.

Note: Please make sure you accept the link in the email rather than signing up yourself on our website. If you sign up any other way your account will not be linked to the child's profile.

The person who sent you the invite may have chosen the level of access you have to the child's profile (Admin/Non-Admin). This means if you are expecting to see a particular aspect of child's profile but cannot, you may have been invited as a non-Admin. The person who invited you can check this and change update your access as required.

If you already have a Storypark account

If you have already joined Storypark with the same email address and are connected to a child's profile, from the invite, you'll be asked if you want to merge the two profiles. For more on this see: Invited to Storypark but already have an account.

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