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Families: Communicate with educators, family and specialists
Families: Communicate with educators, family and specialists
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This article is about using Storypark on a computer. Learn how to invite family members through the Storypark for Families app here. You can download the iOS app or the Android app now and learn more on the Storypark for Families help centre.

There are various ways to share and communicate with your child’s learning community, ie. the educators, family members and specialists to whom you’ve granted access.

You can:

1. Start a private conversation with an educator by clicking the 'Conversation' button in the blue navigation bar.

2. Participate in community discussions with educators and other parents at your child’s early learning service.

3. Comment on stories written by your other people in your child’s learning community. Comments can often evolve into conversations and offline communication.

4. Add your own stories and moments about your child to keep family and educators up to date with the interests, learning and events happening at home.

5. Communicate directly and privately with educators using child notes.

6. Invite specialists (ie. speech language therapists, teacher aides or other experts) to your child’s profile. Learn how here, ‘Invite or remove family or specialists’.

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