To learn more about how to use the Storypark for Families app, please visit the Storypark for Families mobile app section.

If you previously used the 'Storypark' app, you may have noticed it has now become 'Storypark for Teachers'. If you are a parent or family member with a Storypark account, you can delete this app and instead download and install the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app.

The Storypark for Families app for iOS and Android allows you to:

  • Keep a secure record of your child's milestones, stories and activities
  • Revisit older moments and milestones in your child's timeline
  • Share moments with loved ones, controlling exactly who can see what.


About the app
Moments are similar to the stories you receive from your child's teachers. The difference is that we've designed them specifically for parents to use from home.

You can add filters, text and artwork to your photographs and then choose exactly who you want to share them with. 

Instead of only having text responses (that some children can't yet read), family members can also respond with stickers or record video responses.

You will still receive stories from your child's teachers – you can access them under the 'Education' tab.

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