Child notes can be categorised to allow easy filtering of different types of notes.

All services start with a predefined base set of categories but teacher admins are able to edit and add their own categories. For example, you could change the predefined 'Goal' category to 'Aspirations', or you could add a completely new category called 'Parent aspirations'.

Adding a category to a child note

1. When creating a new child note, click the 'Select category' button on the top right of the child note box:

2. Click the category that you want to add to the note.

3. Finish creating your child note and click 'Post'.

Removing a category from a child note

To remove a category from a note that you are editing click the 'x' icon to the right of the selected category:

Filtering child notes by category

  1. Go to a child's 'child notes' page.

  2. Click 'Filter by' on the right-hand side of the page.

  3. Select a category to return a filtered list of child notes with that category:

NB: If a child note is linked to another child note, both of the notes' categories will be included when filtering by one or the other category.

Creating a new category

1. Open the category menu by clicking 'Select category'.

2. Click 'New category'.

3. Enter the name of your new category:

4. Select a category colour.

5. Click the 'Create' button and the new category will be found in your categories list.

Editing an existing category

  1. Open the category menu by clicking 'Select category'.

  2. Click 'Edit' to the right of the category you want to edit.

  3. Edit the name or colour for the category.

  4. Click the 'Save' button.

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