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Child notes demonstrate the planning cycle and encourage reflective, intentional practice by enabling stories/documentation to be linked to goals, opportunities, milestones, aspirations or 'where to from here' statements.

1.  Find your child notes in a tab on a child's profile page.

2. In the text field, type your message.

3. Select a category for the child note depending on what type of note it is. Learn more about editing and creating new categories, here.

4. You can add an image, video or other type of file. Read ‘Add images, video, or files to a child note’ to learn how. 

5. You can also link your child note to an existing story or another child note. This allows you to annotate stories with child notes or highlight an area of focus or 'what's next' etc. Learn more about linking stories and notes here.

6. When you’ve finished, click Post.

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