To the right of the editor you'll see a red panel that says 'Select who's in this story'. Click this to see a list of children.

Educators have the option to choose children from their entire service, or just from a room. They can also save stories for their educator portfolios by selecting themselves instead of a child.

In the drop-down menu above and to the left of the list of children you'll be able to select groups of children.

Family members will only see one option: 'My Family'.

Educators will see the name of their centre, any rooms they've set up, their educator portfolio 'My Portfolio', and if they also use Storypark for their own children, 'My Family'.

Using this drop-down on the left, choose the group, and then when you see the children displayed select those in the story by clicking them.

Individual stories

If you’re creating a story about an individual, find and click on the child in question, then click 'Done'.

Group stories

If you’re creating a group story, find and click on all children who appear in the story. If it’s a story about all children at your early learning service, click ‘Select all’. Then click 'Done'.

For educators, there are two reasons why children may be greyed out/unable to be selected.

1. If there are children at your service who cannot appear in group stories (service admins can select this option on a child's 'edit' page) then they will not be able to be selected along with other children in the story.

2. If there are children who are unconsented, then they will show as being greyed out and will not be selectable.

Once you've made your selection, back in the story editor, the children's profile images will be displayed in the panel. Now, when you publish the story, it will show up in the profiles of all children who you selected.

If you want to change who is in the story simply click the area with the children's profile pictures again and then deselect any children you don't want in the story and select the children you do want in the story.

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