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Educators: If a parent hasn’t accepted the consent form/unconsented children
Educators: If a parent hasn’t accepted the consent form/unconsented children
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If a parent hasn't yet accepted consent

When you invite a parent/guardian to a child's profile, they must accept your invitation, as well as a digital consent form.

If a parent accepts your invitation but does not accept the consent form, you will be notified by email and on your Children page you will see a thumbs-down icon on that child's tile:

When that parent tries to log in again they will be shown the consent form and will not be able to continue until they provide their consent.

Until the parent accepts the digital consent form, you will not be able to publish any group stories for that child. You can resend the consent form to the parent from your Unconsented Children tab on your main Children's page.

If a parent has concerns or is unsure what to do

Invite the parent into your early learning service for a chat to find out their concerns.

Make sure the parent has been given information about Storypark and read the ‘Getting started’ resources.

If they change their mind, you can re-invite them to Storypark.

Resending the consent form

To see a list of parents who have not accepted the digital consent form, go to your early learning service's Children page and tap the 'Unconsented' link at the top of the page:

Parents will be listed here if they've signed up but not yet agreed to the consent form.

If they're happy to continue you can resend the consent form by clicking the 'Resend consent form' link next to that child's name. Next time the parent logs in they will see the consent form again.

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