Once you have added a child's profile to Storypark, you can invite up to two family members (usually parents / guardians) of the child. Family members invited by an educator will become administrators of the child’s profile. Once a family member has accepted your invite and signed up, they will be able to invite further family members.

In this guide, learn about:

1. The different ways to invite parents

2. How to invite parents of multiple children
3. Invitation FAQs/Troubleshooting

There are a few ways to invite parents:

Click the 'Invite' button in the top right corner, then select 'Invite parents'

Within a Service or Room area, from the 'Children' tab

Go to your early learning service’s ‘Children’ page, find the child you’re looking for and click the ‘Invite parents’ button:

On the form, ensure the 'Parents' tab is selected at the top of the box, and then complete the form making sure that the correct child is selected:

You have the option to add a custom message that will be included when the invitation email is sent. Invitations with custom messages add a personal touch and are more likely to be noticed in the recipients’ inboxes. Note: if you’ve entered two email addresses, both parents will receive the same custom message.

Inviting parents of multiple children at once

Go to your 'Children' page and at the top, click the 'Yet to invite' link:

In the dropdown form, you can enter multiple parent's email addresses and an optional message for each, then click 'Invite parents':

Note: If you chose to use the form above, only one parent/guardian can be invited to each child's profile. If you need to invite two parents/guardians, we recommend sending invites for each child separately.

Invitation FAQs

Why is a child's name not coming up in the drop-down box on the invite?
The drop-down menu can only display children who haven't had any invites sent for their profile yet. For security reasons, if one parent is already connected to the child's profile, they need to invite any other family members from their login.

Why am I getting an error when I try to send the invitation?
Occasionally you may get an error when trying to send an invitation, our team have created some troubleshooting tips to help.

How many people can educators invite to a child's profile?
Once you have added a child's profile to Storypark, you can invite up to two family members (usually parents / guardians) of the child.

If you only invite one person to a child's profile, then you won't get the option to go back later and invite a second. For this reason we highly recommend inviting both parents at the same time if you can.

What happens when you click Invite?

See this article to learn what a parent sees when they receive their invitation. 

Once the parent has signed up and agreed to the consent form, you'll be notified by email. The parent can then access their child's stories, leave comments, create their own stories and invite family members.

What happens if a parent does not accept the consent form?

This article explains what happens if a parent doesn't accept the consent form.

What do you advise if a child's parents are separated?
In circumstances where parents aren't on good terms or don't have contact with each other, we suggest you create a duplicate profile for the child (so that child then has two profiles) and invite each parent to their own seperate profile.

A new child already has a sibling(s) at the service - how does that work?
Parents have to consent to each child being on Storypark. This means you need to follow the same process of creating a profile for the new child and inviting their parents to the profile.
❗Important - Make sure you invite them using the same email they already using on Storypark. This is so they have just one login to view each of their child profiles.


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