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Educators: Inviting multiple or separated parents for a child
Educators: Inviting multiple or separated parents for a child
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Educators can invite up to two parents per child

Our system allows educators to invite up to two parents to a child’s profile. This gives you the flexibility to invite both parents when adding a child.

Note: If you only invite one parent to a child's profile, once that invitation is accepted you won't get the option to go back later and invite a second parent. For this reason, we highly recommend inviting both parents at the same time if you can.

We don’t allow any more for security reasons so parents have control over who has access to their child’s stories and information. However, parents you invite can then invite as many other family members as they like, including the other parent (usually the first person they invite if you’ve only invited one).

This article explains how parents can invite their family members.

Parents can also make other family members admins of their child’s account. Learn more about family admins.

Complicated circumstances

In circumstances where parents aren't on good terms or don't have contact with each other, we suggest you add a second profile for the child so that child has two profiles (i.e. "Ben Mum" and "Ben Dad").

That way each parent can invite different family members to their own version of the child's profile.

Once you have created a second profile for the child, you can duplicate published stories from the original profile onto the second profile for the child so both parents can access previously published stories.

When you create new stories for the child, simply add both instances of that child to the story, and either side of the family will still be able to access, view, and comment on the story.

Comments on group stories are visible to all families of the children in the stories so if you do not want either parent to see each other's comments on a story, you would need to create the group story as an individual story for the child and then duplicate the story to publish onto the second profile.

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