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What happens when you click ‘Send invite’

An email will be sent to the recipient with a link they can click that takes them to a simple sign up page. The email also includes information about what Storypark is with some useful links to help centre ‘Getting started’ articles.

Parent Consent

Parents are then shown a summary of important issues associated with privacy and behaviour to which they are required to give their consent.

Once the consent form is accepted you'll be notified by email, and the parent can access their child's stories, leave comments, create their own stories and invite family members.

What a parent sees when they sign up

Once the parent has completed the form and clicked ‘Sign up’ they will be taken into Storypark and shown welcome tips.

Watch the parent's welcome video below:

Parents (or family members who have been made an Admin) will see the name of your early learning service in the top menu. This will take them to your early learning service's ‘Community’ area and ‘About’ page.

This article explains what happens if a parent doesn't accept the consent form.

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