Introduction to Educator Portfolio reports

A guide to help you understand what portfolio reports are and how to make one

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This article includes information on the new premium Educator Portfolios platform.

In this guide:

What is a portfolio report?

A portfolio report shows how you've been applying learning tags to stories, over time. These might be:

  • Tags applied to portfolio stories and related to your professional development (eg. teaching standards, criteria, goals)

  • Tags applied to child stories (eg. your curriculum) that you've saved to your portfolio.

Why might I use a portfolio report?

Reports can be used to analyse trends in teaching over time. See how much focus there’s been in one area of your teaching or professional learning over another, across different timeframes.

By clicking on ‘split view’ you’ll also be able to compare data sets at the same time. You might like to look at the way you've been tagging teaching standards this year, compared to last year.

You’ll be able to observe differences and/or similarities to inform your planning, programme design, or professional development opportunities.

How to find Educator Portfolio reports

If using the premium Educator Portfolios, click the 'menu' bar in the top left hand corner of your screen and find 'Reports' under your name. Here you can chose which report you would like to view including your own portfolio report using the drop down under 'export to PDF'.

You can filter your report by:

Who can access portfolio reports?

Every educator portfolio has a reports page. Contributors can also access the reports of the educators they support. Simply tap on the 'Reports' tab in their portfolio.

Portfolio reports for the basic portfolio features

Educators each have their own reports page so they can analyse trends in their teaching over time. An educator can access their reports page by clicking the 'Reports' tab on their profile.

Learning trends allow you to select a time period that you’re interested in and reveal the learning tags that an educator used in either their educator portfolio stories or the stories they wrote for children.

Learn more about trend reports here.

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