Learning tags are like labels or keywords that you can attach to stories. Adding tags to your stories lets you ‘tag’ your learning outcomes or curriculum (eg. Te Whāriki, Early Years, International Baccalaureate, 'milestones' etc), and lets you group and filter published stories by tag.

Learn more about Learning tags and sets.

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Adding Learning tags to stories

To the right of the story editor and beneath the child selector there is a panel with two sections.

The top section, 'Learning tags' displays all learning tags that are added to the story, selected from the bottom section 'Select tags'. 'Select tags' displays all learning tags that your early learning service has set up within your ‘Learning Sets’ page.

Learning sets are simply a collection of learning tags, organised within folders. This article explains how to set up your learning sets and this article explains how to manage them.

Add or delete an existing tag

If you click any tags within this bottom section, they'll appear above, under 'Learning tags’. These are the learning tags that will show next to the published story. If while you're creating your story you make a mistake you can simply remove the tag by clicking the ‘x’ to the right of it.

You can choose to use learning tags from any learning sets you've set up. By default you're shown all learning tags but if you click the drop-down menu you'll be able to choose which set of tags you wish to display.

This image shows the set 'Te Whāriki' and the folders within it:

This image shows the folder 'Belonging – Mana Whenua' (part of the 'Te Whāriki' set) and the tags within it:

Add or delete a new tag

If you wish to add a new tag that doesn’t appear within any of your sets, click the ‘New tag’ link at the top of the panel.

A drop-down box will appear where you can type the tag name and an optional description which people can read if they click on the tag in the published story (this could include your own description or a link to a web page). Teachers will also see a ‘Set/folder’ drop-down menu which is where the new tag will be filed for future use.

The more learning sets you have, the more tags you'll see in your editor. We suggest working with no more than 6-8 relevant learning sets to keep tagging stories manageable. Learn more here.

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