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Setting up and using the Storypark Manage integration
Setting up and using the Storypark Manage integration
Save time by connecting your Storypark Manage and Storypark apps
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What is the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration?

The Storypark Manage/Storypark integration links the two software providers, with Storypark Manage being the 'source of truth'. This means any changes your service makes in Storypark Manage will carry over to Storypark - this happens via a sync that runs every 12 hours.

Admin educators can set up and manage the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration within Storypark. Once the integration is set up, educators who are familiar with Storypark will find there are a few changes to their usual processes.

How to set up the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration

To get the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration, you’ll firstly need to get in touch with Storypark and request that they turn on the integration from their end.

Once Storypark has confirmed that they have turned the integration on from their end, you need an Admin to then log into the Storypark website and complete the setup.

1) Click on the gear symbol at the top-right of Storypark and then click on Account:

2) Scroll down the Account page and then you’ll see the Integrations section. Click on Set up syncing to match children and rooms across Storypark Manage and Storypark and complete your set up:

3) This will bring you to a screen that shows all of the children’s details that have been pulled through from Storypark Manage:

4) Before starting the mapping process we'd recommend refreshing the information from Storypark Manage to ensure you've got the most up to date information. At the bottom of the webpage you can click Refresh information from Storypark Manage to view the most recent information:

5) Storypark will automatically match the names of existing children’s profiles to the names pulled through from Storypark Manage. If you want to change the mapping for a child, click the drop-down menu next to their name and select one of the other options:

  • Create new Storypark profile - sets up a new profile for that child

  • Don’t add to Storypark - excludes the child from syncing

  • A different child name - syncs the child with a different child of your selection who is already on Storypark

6) Once you’re done mapping the children, scroll down to map any rooms from Storypark Manage to Storypark and then click Set up now once done:

7) A confirmation screen will pop up. Click Continue setup to finish the set-up.

8) Once the mapping is completed, the children and rooms will be connected to your service's Storypark account. Any further changes you make in Storypark Manage will be automatically reflected in Storypark (within the 24 hour API sync window).

Managing the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration

Making changes after set up
After the initial set up, additional changes can be made by going back to the Integration section of your Account page on the website and tapping on the Storypark Manage option. You can then change any of the mappings and then tap Update to update your Storypark Manage settings.

Note: Adding and removing child profiles should be done within Storypark Manage - as this will automatically carry over to Storypark.

Invitations to child profiles are not automatically sent by the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration. This means that educators will still need to send invitations within Storypark for child profiles created by the integration.

Rooms and bookings
Once a room is connected via the integration, integrated child profiles in Storypark will automatically move between rooms as their bookings dictate.

If a room does not have any bookings for the current or following five weeks, it will no longer be considered active and be removed from Storypark. To prevent this from happening (for example over a holiday period), we recommend temporarily unlinking it from the integration via the Integration section of your Account page. To do this, select the 'do not add to Storypark' option. You can always relink the room at a later stage by remapping it from the Account page.

If new rooms are created in Storypark Manage they will automatically be added to Storypark.

Turning off the Storypark Manage/Storypark integration

If you are changing your CCMS provider or no longer require an integration with Storypark Manage, it is important that you contact the Storypark customer support team so they can turn it off for you.

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