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What changes when Storypark integrates with your CCMS provider?
What changes when Storypark integrates with your CCMS provider?

Learn about the changes to processes usually taken in Storypark once you turn a CCMS integration on.

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Integrating Storypark with your CCMS provider (Kidsoft/Xap) means information flows between your two systems.

As a result, educators who are familiar with Storypark will find there are a few changes to their usual processes.

Once the integration has been turned on, let your team know. It doesn’t trigger any notifications for them and Storypark won’t look much different, so they may not be aware.

It’s also important that your educators know:

The following processes we highly recommend taking in your CCMS:

  • Adding new child profiles

And the following processes can no longer be completed in Storypark:

  • Archiving child profiles

  • Restoring child profiles previously removed via the integration

  • Adding/Removing children from rooms that are connected via the integration

Instead, the above changes need to be done in your CCMS software first and will automatically be reflected on Storypark within 12 - 24 hours.

On the Children page on the Storypark website, educators will also see prompts to this effect:

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