To get the Kidsoft/Storypark integration, you’ll firstly need to get in touch with Kidsoft and request that they turn on the integration from their end.

Once they’ve turned it on for you, you’ll need to let Storypark know your Kidsoft Service PIN. Your Service PIN, is located on the top right-hand corner of Kidsoft alongside your service name i.e. S434783895

Once Storypark has confirmed that they have turned the integration on from their end, you need to then log into Storypark and complete the setup.

1) Click on the gear symbol at the top-right of Storypark and then click on Account.

2) Scroll down the Account page and then you’ll see the Apps section. Click on Set up syncing to start the mapping process.

3) This will bring you to a screen which shows all of the children’s details that have been pulled through from Kidsoft.

4) Storypark will automatically match the names of existing children’s profiles to the names pulled through from Kidsoft. If you want to change the mapping click the drop down menu and select one of the other options

  • Create new Storypark profile - sets up a new profile for that child.

  • Don’t add to Storypark - excludes the child from syncing

  • A different child’s name - syncs the child with a different existing child on Storypark

5) Once you’re done mapping the children, scroll down to map any rooms from Kidsoft to Storypark and then click Set up now once done.

6) A confirmation screen will pop up. Click Continue setup to finish the set up.

7) Once the mapping is completed, the children should now be loaded to your Storypark. Any changes you make in Kidsoft will automatically be pushed through to Storypark.

If you want to make any changes, just go back to the App section of your Account page and click on the Kidsoft option. You can then change any of the mapping and then click Update to update your Kidsoft settings

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