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Educators: Add text, colours, images, videos and documents to a plan
Educators: Add text, colours, images, videos and documents to a plan

Learn how to add content and build your plans

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Note: The following information only applies to plans at a service. We also have help articles dedicated to portfolio planning.

In this guide, learn about:

Adding text

In a plan, hover over (or tap on a touch screen) a blank cell to see your editing options and select Content.

This opens up an editor.

In this editor, it's possible to:

Note: Not seeing any blank cells with these headings in your plan? If you have started a plan from an existing template, or all of the cells in your current plan are in use, you won't automatically see any blank cells. You will either need to add a new row/column or clear the content of an existing cell first - so you that can repurpose it.

Formatting text

Start typing in the text field. If you want to add any formatting, select the text and tap the bold, italic, bullets or numbered bullets icons above the text field.

When you've finished editing the cell, tap Done:

Adding images, videos and documents

Select the camera icon to add images, the video camera to add video and the paperclip icon to add documents such as PDFs, Word docs, Powerpoints etc.

As media items load you'll see a progress bar or a processing symbol. While these load you can carry on editing that cell and when they've loaded you can tap Done.

Once you leave the cell editor you'll see these media items loaded in the cell as thumbnails.

Tapping on an image or a video opens it in a viewer that you can flick through and play any videos. Tapping on a document downloads it to your computer.

Important: Each plan has a media limit of 125 items.

This means across the cells and comments in each plan, there can be any combination of up to 125 images and/or videos. Once the limit is reached, the camera and video buttons on cells and comments will be greyed out and unable to be selected.

Changing the colour of a cell

Tap on the little arrow in the top right hand corner of any planning cell and select Colour from the dropdown menu:

Clicking the colour palette will display a list of available colours.

Click a colour and then Save

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