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Educators: Order and filter plans
Educators: Order and filter plans

Find plans of the same type using categories

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Note: The following information only applies to plans at a service. We also have help articles dedicated to portfolio planning.

Ordering and filtering allow you to show only the plans you need, and in the order that makes the most sense to you.

Filtering plans

On your Open plans or Archived plans pages, you can filter the plans that are displayed by clicking on the 'Filter plans' link to the right of the page and choosing from the options.

You can filter plans by:

  • Children in the plan. This makes it really easy to find all the planning for an individual child or group of children. This only works if you attach children to your plans. Learn how to add children to a plan

  • Categories attached to the plan. This is useful if for example, you wish to only display all your past programmes. Then you'd go to your Archived plans area and select Programme from the filter dropdown. All your past programmes will be displayed. This only works if you give each plan you create one or more categories. Learn how to add categories to a plan

  • Learning tags added to the plan. This makes it easy to find and group plans related to specific aspects of your learning outcomes, goals, curriculum or standards. Only learning tags added to plans will appear in the list.

Ordering plans

Clicking on 'Ordered by' allows you to choose what order your plans display in.

You can order plans by:

  • Recent activity (when the last comment was made)

  • When started (when the plan was published).

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