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We'll shortly be launching 'Planning', a better way to plan with your team. We are inviting services to access this new feature before we officially launch it. This article is for services that opt in.


Why add children to a plan

When you add children to a plan, that plan will appear on each of the children's tiles when you hover over them (you can find a child's tile on your service's Children page). So then if you want to see what's happening for an individual child you can go to their tile and see which plans they are currently in. 

When you add a child to a plan they are also added to the plan's Share settings. You have the option to share with Parents of children in this plan, which if selected means that a view and comment-only version of the plan will show up for each parent on their child's early learning service page.

How to add children to a plan

In any plan, hover over (or tap on a touch screen) any planning cell to see your editing options, then select the Children button:

Select one or more children from the dropdown list. If you have multiple rooms or services, choose which one you wish to select children from at the top of the list:

You can add children to a plan in any empty cell. 

  • Add individual children to each cell if you're planning for individual children:
  • Add a group of children to a cell if you're planning for groups of children:
  • Add all children to a cell if you're doing service-wide planning (in which case simply choose any empty cell in the plan):

If you add more than five children to a cell, hover over 'And # more' to see which children have been selected:

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