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Viewing child notes in 'Storypark for Families'
Viewing child notes in 'Storypark for Families'
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If you are connected to a child's profile as a Family Admin, you'll be able to see any child notes posted to their profile on the Storypark for Families app.

Educators use child notes to show how stories link to your child's goals, opportunities, milestones or aspirations. They may also use them to share ideas on how to continue your child's learning and interests at home. Unlike stories, child notes will always have just your child linked.

On the Families app, these can be found in the Education feed, along with stories. You can tell it's a child note rather than a story, by clicking to open it up:

Family Admins can also create child notes from the Storypark website which will then be viewable by their child's educators.

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