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Viewing Routines in 'Storypark for Families'
Viewing Routines in 'Storypark for Families'
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If you are connected to a child's profile as a Family Admin and their educators have recorded routines for your child, you'll be able to see them in the Storypark for Families app.

There are currently two types of family membership on Storypark.

Non-admins, who can only see and comment on stories and Family Moments.

Admins who can also see and comment on plans, community posts, routines, child notes and conversations as well. For more on this, see family admins.

In the Families app, go to the Home tab and then tap on Routines at the top right.

Note: If you don't see the Routines option at the top, it's likely that you are either not an Admin for the child you've selected or the child's educators haven't added any routines to Storypark.

On an iPhone:

Routines in Families app EN

On an Android:

Screenshot 20230630 101208 Storypark

The time and date reflect those selected by the educator to show when the event happened, rather than the publish date.

Educators can also add notes to the routine, if they do you'll also see those underneath the routine.

Notifications are not sent for routines, but you will be able to see them in the app as soon as they are recorded.

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