Network admins: Add yourself to individual services
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This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account.

As a network administrator you can quickly join any service in your network as an admin. Joining individual services, and reading their stories, posts and responses will help you build a picture of those service's practices as a whole. 

This could be useful if you want to learn more about how they are documenting learning and engaging families above and beyond what the reports can show.

As an admin at a service you'll also be able to contribute to their conversations and planning.

Access an individual service

From the main reports page click on a service's name in the left-hand column of your main reports page. You'll be taken to that service's reports page. Learn more about individual service reports

Join an individual service

To the right of the service's profile area, click the 'Join this service' button:

You'll be added to the service as a normal Admin. So teachers in the service know this has happened they'll be notified by email. You'll now appear to everyone as an admin at the service, eg. your profile image will appear on their 'Teachers' page and parents will see your profile image on their 'Community' page.

In your network reports page it will show you as an Admin at the service with an option to leave at any time.

The 'Join this service' button will have changed to a 'Visit this service' button that when clicked will open that service's stories page in a new tab.


Leave an individual service

To leave again click 'Leave this service'. You'll be asked if you're sure and on confirming you'll no longer be a teacher at the service. If you choose to rejoin all teachers will once again be notified.

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