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Educators: Export stories and notes of archived children
Educators: Export stories and notes of archived children
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Child profiles can be exported whilst a child is attending a service, or after they have been archived from the service.

This article is about exporting child profiles any time after their profile has been archived by educators.

After being archived, children's profiles are added to the centre’s Archived Children page. From here you can search for archived children by name, and export each child's portfolio (stories and notes).

Note: If your service has access to routines and has recorded them for the child in question, the export of their portfolio will also include all their routines in a separate file.

Many services want to keep a copy of each child's portfolio when they leave. The ability to keep children's digital portfolios on hand, even after they've left your service means you don't have to export and print their portfolio when a child leaves, potentially saving you money on printing. 

Children will appear on this page as long as their parents maintain their Storypark profile. If a child's profile is deleted, then they will disappear and all Admin educators at your service will be sent an email letting you know you have seven days to download the child's portfolio before it is deleted from Storypark completely.

Find an archived child

Archived children can be accessed from your service's Children page (you cannot access this area from within a room). 

Simply tap Archived to view any children that have left your service.

If you have a lot of archived children you can start typing their name in the search box to quickly find who you're looking for.

Export a child's portfolio

Under a child's name tap Export Portfolio, and you'll be sent an email with a download link in it. As long as you are an Admin, after clicking the link in the email, downloading should start automatically.

See this article for more information on how to access downloaded portfolios on different systems.

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