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Educators: Routines

Learn how to record, view, edit and delete routines

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In this guide learn about:

What are routines?

Food, toilet, sleep and sunscreen routines can be recorded by educators for any child at their centre.

On the Storypark website, you'll find the Routines tab on the centre page, in each room and on a child's profile.

Children are in alphabetical order, with each child's most recent record visible. Clicking on a child's row will expand it to show all of their recorded routines for the present day.

Note: If you are part of a multi-site organisation on Storypark you may not have access to this feature. We require permission from your organisation's head office in order to turn it on for your service.

Setting children's regular days

You can set which days a child usually attends your service. Once you've done this, the routines tab will filter to show only those children each day.

From the centre's routines tab, tap Set regular days:

This will display all children at your service, with each day of the week (Monday to Sunday) available to select:

You can either tap on each day or use the select/deselect all check boxes at the top to mark every child as usually present:

If you have a lot of children at your service, you can also do this by room. Tap into the drop-down menu to select a room at your service:

Once you click done, when recording a new routine, children who are usually present will appear at the top.

Children who aren't usually present will appear beneath them, under the heading show others but can still be selected if needed.

Regular days can be updated at any time by tapping back into set regular days.

Note: This reflects 'regular' days rather than specific bookings. This feature isn't intended as a replacement for managing attendance.

Recording and sharing routines

Watch how to record routines:

Routines can be added from the Routine page for a centre or room using the Add record button, or from the main + Create navigation while you're anywhere in the app.

First, select the type of record you'd like to add:

Then select a single child, multiple children, or all children. You can also de-select any of the children by clicking on them again. You can filter this list of children by the centre or room, and search for a child's name within the selected group.

When you click Next, you can add more specific information about the routine, which will be applied to all selected children.

The date and time is the present by default, but you can edit that to reflect any routines that took place earlier.

There are preset options for each type of record, and one option can be selected from each set of options, eg. When adding a Food record, select either Food or Drink, one type of meal or snack, and one amount. There is also space to add any specific comments or observations.

As soon as you click Add records the routine will be published to each child's profile and shared with the child's guardians (they'll need to be an Admin for the child to see the Routines).

If recording a routine for one particular child, you can also use the '+' next to the child's name, and select the routine type from there:

The other routine

Aside from food/drink/toilet/sleep and sunscreen, you can also record any other routine by selecting other from the menu of routine types.

Other can be used for routines like outdoor time, first aid, daily bag or temperature checks.

Other is a freeform routine, so each time you record it, fill in the routine title and any specific details:

Note: We recommend discussing with your team how you might use this beforehand, so you can standardise the use of this routine within your team.

Viewing routines

You can view routines from the centre's page, in each room and on a child's profile.

Filtering by routine type

By default you can see all routines recorded on the given day. You can filter by the type of routines that have been recorded by tapping the type you wish to see.

By tapping on toilet for example, only the day's toilet routines appear.

Expanding routines

By default you can only see the latest routine recorded for each child.

Tap the arrow at the end of a child's row to show all their routines for the day:

Tap Show all to see all children's routines for the day:

Editing or deleting routines

Any published record can be edited using the pencil/edit icon next to the routine:

To edit, make any changes to the details, then click Save.

To delete, click Delete in the bottom left, then confirm. This can't be undone.
All records need to edited or deleted one by one, even if entered for multiple children at once.

What families see

Family admins will see new records for just their child/ren as soon as they're entered, but they won't receive notifications. They can view these on the Storypark for Families app or the Storypark website.

Note: The sleep check routine can only be viewed by educators. Families will not receive an update in the routines tab for sleep checks, however, they can view when the start and end of sleep routines are recorded.

If you are recording routines for the first time for a child, their parents may need to log out of the app and then log in again to see the routines tab pop up.

It's recommended to set expectations with families about whether the information will be updated as soon as it happens, or by the end of the day.

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