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Navigate the Storypark help centre
Navigate the Storypark help centre

How to find your way around the help centre with ease and get the most out of articles

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The Storypark help centre has around 300 articles with lots of helpful content, so how do you find your way around?

In this guide, learn about:

Access where it suits you

1. From the website:
The help centre can always be accessed from our stand-alone website - in English or in French.

2. Within Storypark:
You never have to leave Storypark to consult the help centre. When you are logged into the Storypark website, tap the blue circle at the bottom right of the screen:

You can also access the help centre in our mobile apps from the Me tab.

In the Educators app, tap Me > Help centre:

In the Families app, tap Me > App help and troubleshooting:

Article titles

You'll notice most article titles start with the name of the group they are for.
That means articles written exclusively for educators, look like this:

Articles written exclusively for families, look like this:

There's no harm reading a families article if you are an educator, and vice versa, just bear in mind your experience of Storypark may not match the article's content.

Get the most out of articles

Anchor links
In many articles, anchor links are used. These are links at the start of an article that link to content further down on the same page. For example:

This means you don't need to read or even scroll through an entire article to find what you're looking for. Tap on an anchor link and it will take you to the relevant article section.

Where it's difficult to describe an action accurately, you'll see a short moving image or GIF to help you. For example:

Recommended articles
We have many articles that are about different aspects of a feature or topic. If you've read an article and haven't quite found what you are looking for or, want to learn more, check the recommended articles at the bottom of the article. For example:

Search within articles: Ctrl + F
If you are looking for a particular word within a article, you can always use your keyboard's search shortcuts. They are Ctrl + F on a PC and Command + F on a Mac.
This will highlight all occurrences of a word within an article.

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