Continuing Storypark for family use

Because you as parents control your children’s Storypark accounts, if a child leaves an early learning service, and that service removes the child from their account, you will continue to have access and manage your children’s Storypark account and stories for as long as you wish, for free. Any family members you’ve invited will also have free continued access. Learn more about Storypark for Families.

Supporting transition between early learning services or into school

If your child is heading off to another early learning service or school, you (or your child's current early learning service with your permission) can invite your child's future teachers to share their learning journey and continue the learning within Storypark. To learn how to invite a new early learning service or school please read, ‘Invite an early learning service'.

Closing your account, exporting stories, and viewing offline

If you choose to close your account, Storypark will not retain any of your personal information or stories, so make sure you first export your child’s stories, so you can view them offline and have a permanent record for the future.


Archiving a child from your account

If a child leaves your early learning service, you can simply archive them from your account. Those children’s stories won't be deleted, you simply won’t have access to them anymore. After they’ve been archived from your account, parents and family members will still be able to access those children’s profiles and stories.

There are two options when a child or children leave your early learning service. You can:

  1. archive them from your plan and let us know the change you wish to make by emailing At the start of your next billing cycle this change will be reflected in your bill.

  2. Or, if other children are filling the spaces at your early learning service that those children left behind, you can archive those children from your account and add more child profiles to replace those you archived, at no additional cost.

Supporting transitions by inviting another early learning services or a school

Before your children head to another early learning service or to school, you can can invite their future teachers to Storypark so they can share the child’s learning journey. If they accept your invite they’ll have the same access to the child’s profile as your early learning service and be able to contribute to the child’s learning journey within Storypark. To learn how to invite a new early learning service or school please read, ‘Transferring children between early learning services'.

Exporting a portfolio

Before removing a child from your account you can export their portfolio, so you have a record of your work.

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