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Linking multiple stories and notes together
Linking multiple stories and notes together
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By creating a child note you can link multiple stories and/or notes for the same child together, enabling continuity and observation of their learning journey.

In order to link multiple stories, and child notes together - you will need to use a child note you have already posted, or create a new child note first:

  1. You can create a child note by either clicking the Child notes tab from your services main menu or from an individual child's notes tab.

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.17.39 Pm
  2. Before you begin writing your child note, you'll need to select the child this note is associated with

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.41.59 Pm
  3. Once you've selected the child's profile, click the link/chain icon that appears

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.45.21 Pm
  4. Select the stories and/or previous child notes you wish to link together. You can select only stories, only notes, or a mixture of both by toggling between the two tabs at the top

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.46.15 Pm
  5. Click the Done button and the stories/notes will appear linked beneath the child note

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.49.39 Pm
  6. You can explain in the text area why you have linked these stories/notes together. Selecting a category, eg. 'Opportunity' before posting helps to categorise and explain the linked stories and notes.

    Screenshot 2023 07 27 at 4.51.39 Pm
  7. Once you've finished, click Post and the child note will be visible to the admin family members connected to the child, and also all educators connected to your early learning service.

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