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Families: Create a new child profile
Families: Create a new child profile
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Note: If you accepted an invitation to Storypark from your child's educators they may have already set up one or more of your children's profiles. If so, on the website you should see your child's name in the left-hand menu when you are logged into Storypark.

In this example, a parent is connected to Alex and Neilan's profiles:

Create a new child profile

You can create a new profile for a child from the Storypark website.

1. Click the settings button that looks like a little cog at the top of the page.

2. From the drop-down menu select Add child:

3. Fill in the form, adding your child’s name, birthday, gender, profile image and permissions, ie. those in your family that you wish to grant access to your child’s profile.

Note: Any fields with an asterisk * must be filled in to create the profile.

Under permissions, the form may suggest family members that are connected to other child profiles that you are a Family Admin for. You can untick this if they are not relevant.

4. Click Save and you’ll be taken to the child’s profile page where you can create stories and notes about them, and invite further family members or an early learning service.

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