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Families: Getting the most out of Storypark
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This article is about using Storypark on a computer. (You can also use Storypark on the Storypark for Families iOS app or Android app. You can download it today and log in using your Storypark account. Visit the Storypark for Families Help Centre to learn more about the Storypark app.)

Communicating with teachers

Storypark provides a number of ways to communicate with teachers based on the content or context of the conversation.

You could discuss your child’s individual development with teachers in your child’s private notes area, start a conversation with a teacher or create a story that’s shared with your child’s whole learning community.

Observing your child’s progression

Storypark gives you the ability to explore your child’s progression and development over time in relation to aspects of the curriculum that you've tagged. You can then easily search and explore the stories that are of interest by filtering these tags.

Inviting others to contribute to your child’s learning

You choose the people who are invited to your child’s Storypark profile, e.g. teachers, grandparents, speech language therapists, separated parents or close friends.

Sharing stories, observations and encouragement helps the people you select to work more closely together and be more responsive to your child’s current interests.

When your child leaves an early learning service

Because you control your child’s Storypark account, you choose who you invite to be part of their private learning community. This could include your child’s teacher at a new service or their first school. Inviting these teachers before your child leaves their current early learning service allows better understanding and support for your child’s unique learning journey and a smoother transition to the new service or school.

Even if you don’t want to invite an early childhood service, you can keep using Storypark with your family for as long as you wish, for free.

You can also export content from Storypark and close your account any time you want. Storypark will not retain any personal information about your child or family.

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