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How to crop, rotate and add borders to images in a story

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When you upload images to a story on the website version of Storypark, the story editor has some tools to adjust the way they look:

In this guide learn about:

Note: you can also create and edit stories via our Storypark for Educators iOS and Storypark for Educators Android apps.


Select the image in the story that you would like to crop, then tap the crop square:

The image will open in a pop-up window. The amount to be kept from the image can be custom selected by tapping the image and then dragging the blue square. The remainder of the image that is greyed out, will be removed when you click the crop button.

If too much has been cropped from the image, tap the undo button:


To rotate an image, tap on it within the story. Tap either the ‘rotate left’ or ‘rotate right’ buttons to start rotating:

These can be used multiple times, until you find the rotation you like.

Adding and removing borders

Select an image and tap the first button on the image toolbar:

You can switch between colours or remove the border if you change your mind.

To remove a border, tap the image and go back to the borders option in the image toolbar and select the square with a line through it:

Fit/Fill Space

Images in stories are rectangular (4x3 ratio) by default. This means that when you upload an image the Storypark editor crops it to the 4x3 ratio.

The fit and fill resize options are designed to help you adjust the aspect ratio of your original image intact if needed.

With the fit resize option, your image is reduced proportionally until the whole image is visible. In this case, there may be empty space - once you’ve applied ‘fit space’ you’ll also get the option to add a background colour to the image.

With the fill option, the image is resized until it fills the entire box. In this case, the resized image will be larger than the box, as you can see showing only a portion of the image.

Image background colours

If fit resize is applied to an image, there may be empty space around it, so you'll also get the option to add a background colour to the image.

The default background colour is white and you can switch between colours or go back to the default background colour if you change your mind.

Note: This tool is only available on images where fit resize has been applied.

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