To learn about uploading stories created in other apps (e.g. ComicLife) and avoid them being cropped click here.

In the story editor, if you upload an image and need to crop it, rotate it or want to add a border, roll over the image and click the 'Edit' button.

The image editor will open with buttons at the top that allow you to add a border to the image, rotate left, rotate right, crop or revert to the original height and width ratio of the image.

Add a border

Click the square icon and select the colour and style of the border you would like to add to your image, then click the done button.

Crop an image

Images in stories are rectangular (4x3 ratio) by default. This means that when you upload an image the Storypark editor crops it to the 4x3 ratio. If you'd like your image to retain it's original height and width ratio, click the button with the two diagonal arrows on it and then when you click 'Done' your image will be shown in its original format in a faint grey box.

Rotate an image

Click either of the rotate buttons, and then click 'Done'.

The image will now appear the correct way up in your story.

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