Changing the background colour

In the story editor, click the black and white circle icon to beside the story date. A popup box will appear for you to select a colour:

Click the done button to save the background colour for your story.

Change fonts, styles, colours and sizes of text and titles

In the story editor, click the small plus symbol to the left and select 'Text'.

The text editor gives you various style options.

You can change the font:

You can change the style to bold or italic:

You can change the colour:

And you can change the size:

Note: the size of titles can't be changed.

Crop, rotate and add borders to images

To edit an image click the edit button after the image has been uploaded to a story.

Add borders to an image by clicking the border icon and selecting the style and colour of the border you want to add to the image.

You can rotate your image by clicking the arrow icons.

The crop button allows you to drag the cursor over the area of the image you would like to crop. Click the tick button when you are happy.

Then save your changes by clicking the 'Done' button.

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