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Edit or delete a story
Edit or delete a story
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In the guide learn how to:

If you are an author of a story, you can edit or delete your own stories. If you are a Storypark Admin at an early learning service you can also edit or delete other educator's stories.

Find the story

Find the story you wish to edit or delete. There are a few ways to do this:

1. In your latest activity you can simply click the small grey arrow and in the drop-down menu click ‘Edit’. 

2. On your stories page (on a child’s profile, teacher’s profile, or early learning service’s profile) click the story tile and when you see the full story view, at the top click ‘Edit’.

3. Enter a search term in the search bar at the top of the page and click the magnifying glass:

If in the results you see the story you’re looking for, click the story tile and when you see the full story view, at the top click ‘Edit’.

Edit the story

You'll be taken to the story editor where you can make any changes you like to the body of the story, such as editing the content and images in the story. Learn more about how to change the presentation of your story.

Delete the story

To delete an entire story, click the three dots in the top right-hand side of the story editor, then select 'delete'.

The story will be deleted permanently and no one will be able to access it again.

If you've accidentally tapped the delete button on a story, within 30 days of the story being deleted, you can use the deleted items bin from the Storypark website to restore it on your end.

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