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What are learning stories?
What are learning stories?
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Every child is on a unique learning journey. Learning stories are a tool that help you record and communicate parts of that journey with family, early learning services and eventually school.

Early learning services around the world record and communicate children’s learning stories in vastly different ways. Storypark is being built in a flexible way that can incorporate all types of learning and curriculums.

At its heart, a story is simply a way to record and communicate learning and development, using a story-telling format instead of a traditional 'observation' report. Learning stories capture a child's moments and provide families with a greater insight into the events. A learning story might include examples of a child's progress, images, videos and audio of the experiences, and the child's strengths, interests and needs.

The Storypark story editor lets you add text, images, PDFs and videos, and make links to your curriculum or learning outcomes with learning tags. You can save them as a draft or publish as an individual or group story.

Both educators and family members can create learning stories. Educators can even help children add their own voices and reflections to a story using child mode.

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