Child mode is a safe space for children at your service to reflect on their stories. This is currently only available on the iOS Storypark for Educators app.

Switching to child mode

In the Stories section under the Children tab you'll see the child mode icon. Clicking on the button will take you to a screen where you can confirm that you'd like to start child mode:

Once confirmed, tap the centre's logo on the left-hand side, select the child who is with you and then you'll see all their published stories:

Select a story together and then chose whether to record an audio or video reflection (you may be asked at this stage to give the app permission to record your screen):

Reviewing and publishing child reflections

All recorded reflections must be reviewed by educators first, so they get saved as a draft response initially:

They will show as a draft for review on the story's tile until you choose to publish or delete the reflection. You must exit child mode first to see these options, so children don't have access to them.

Tap X to delete the reflection, tick to post it as a response to the story or share icon to download a copy to your device :

Published reflections will show on the story as a response and can be seen across all platforms (website and apps). Anyone who has access to the story already, can see these.

Deleting a reflection will remove it from Storypark completely, so you can also choose to leave the reflection in draft to review later.

You can also see draft reflections for review under the Me tab:

Exiting child mode

To exit child mode, click the X on the top right-hand side and you'll just need to answer a basic math equation:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children access educator's work from child mode?

No, once the educator has selected the child they are with, only that child's published stories will be on screen. Children cannot edit or delete educator's work whilst in child mode, although we do recommend staying with the child when you access child mode together.

Where can reflections be viewed?

Published reflections will show up in the story's response area. They are able to be viewed on any platform (website, educators app and families app).

Can parents download their child's reflections?

Yes, the same download permissions for videos in responses applies here.

Can I use guided access while in child mode?

Child mode doesn't currently support the use of guided access. If you have guided access on, you'll just want to end your guided access session before you enter child mode.

Want to see it in action first?

Child mode is included in our 'introduction to the IOS Educators app' live workshop.

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